• 媒体名:Computer Music誌(UK)
  • 更新日:09.02.01
Computer Music誌(UK)レビュー内容(日本語)

Computer Music誌(UK)レビュー内容(英語)
Rating: 9/10

Coldcut’s aptly-titled debut sample library, Kleptomania, came out more than 15 years ago. This new title features totally fresh recordings, including full-on drum loops, synths and turntable effects, multisampled patches, and single-hit instruments. As you’d expect, it’s a high-quality collection, and the sounds on offer lend themselves to all kinds of genres at the more organic end of dance music, and any other style where funk is a factor. A great investment.
NinjaTuneの頭領"COLD CUT"による、Hi-TekなSuperBeat集!
税込価格 ¥5,489
  • ジャンル:
  • フォーマット:WAV, ACID, REX2, Redrum, HALION, EXS24, NN-XT, KONTAKT (Preview)
  • リリース時期:2009年11月

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