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Music Tech誌(UK)レビュー内容(英語)

While most drum libraries focus on synthesised or heavily processed drums, every now and again a clean acoustic library turns up with a collection of simple loops that can oftent be much more inspiring than a well constructed collection of processed loops. Loopmasters Session Drums does just that; played live by the truly versatile Laurie Jenkins, it provides users with more than 500 loops of clean, solid drumming that could find a use in practically any style of music.

Users who prefer to roll their own drum loops will find a folder containing six drum kits ready to play, with patches for EXS24, HALion, Kontakt and Reason's NNXT.

The loops are performed on Lauries own Yamaha Maple kit, with Zildjian cymbals and Aquarian heads, and only a little compresion has been used on th eloops to bring them in line, enabling users to apply any additional processing they may require without worrying about losing the dynamics of the loops.

Clean loops tend to appeal to musicians without access to their own drummer, and who generally just want a collection of great sounding but simple loops that have the feel of a real drummer without the aggravation of having to find and pay for one, which usually means that any over the top loops get ignored quickly.

Thankfully Lauries style never attempts to wrestle the attention away from the rest of the arrangement; instead, these loops will provide rock steady foundations on which to build your tracks.

Verdict: A great library of clean, live, acoustic drum loops - you might end up never needing a real drummer again!
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  • フォーマット:WAV, REX2, HALION, EXS24, NN-XT, KONTAKT (Preview)
  • リリース時期:2009年12月

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