Sample Pack - How to install

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* Read this if you haven’t completed downloading the ZIP file Click here

These 3 folders are contained in the extracted folder, see below.

  • DATA The encrypted data is stored. The sound file is created from the encrypted data by using the installer. (*Data within the data folder can’t be used directly.)
  • WinInstaller for Windows is stored.
  • MacInstaller for Mac is stored.

*Please follow the installation guide below, regardless of whether you are using Windows or Mac.

"Windows/Mac: Sample Pack Installation Guide"

1.Double click on "Setup" (or "setup.exe") within the Win folder for Windows, and on "Setup" (or "") within the Mac folder for Mac to activate the installer.

2.The Language Preference screen will be displayed, please select your desired language . Then the "Welcome" screen will be displayed, click on “Next”.

3.Now the Serial entry screen is displayed. Please enter the serial number that you can find it in the email sent by upon purchasing the product. After entering, click “Next”. The “End User License Agreement” will be displayed. If you agree with the “End User License Agreement”, please check the box “Agree”. If you do not agree, please click on “Cancel” to abort the installation.

4.A confirmation page to check your user registration record will be displayed. If you have never registered with SONICWIRE, select “No”. If you have registered with SONICWIRE, select “Yes”.

If you selected “Yes”, a screen where you can enter your Email Address and Password is displayed. Once you entered Email Address and Password, click “Next” and the confirmation page is displayed. When all the information is correct, then click on “Register”.

If you selected “No”, a page where you can register as new user is displayed. Please complete your user registration there.

5.1. The page for selecting format is displayed. Please select the format and if you need to install MUTANT, please also select “MUTANT”. Then click “Next”.Click here for more information about MUTANT >>

Next, you can choose the install directory for 1) Sound Material, and 2) Mutant. Please select the location and click on "Install”.

5.2. If Mutant is already installed and you try to install it again to the same location, you will be getting a dialogue box that asks for confirmation to overwrite the existing sound data. Once you overwrite, “all read-in data” of the existing sound data is deleted (Sound data itself will not be deleted). If there is no problem with overwriting, please select “Yes”.

If you have problems with overwriting, please select “No” and click on “Back”. Then the format selection screen is displayed. Uncheck “All” and “Mutant” before proceeding with the installation.

6. When the installation is completed, please click on the “Finish” button.

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