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Deluge - Ambient Texture Samples' from ModeAudio crashes from your speakers like the waltzing waves of a ferocious sea storm. Embrace the chaos as you and your music are swept away in the salt and spray!

Emerging from the submerged shadows, this vast 2GB collection of royalty-free samples will engulf your productions in rippling synth drones, entrancing layered chords, effervescent noise textures, throbbing, shuddering bass and fluttering, elemental SFX.

Take your pick from this eRxpansive choice of 194 rich, evolving sounds, ranging in length from 1s all the way up to 1m6s.

From cold, metallic resonances and icy atmospheres to densely detailed, scintillating synth work and scattering fragments of granular synthesis, this diverse set of deeply Ambient textures offers an achingly vast palette of endlessly emotive sound for your next soundtrack session.

Complementing the textures is a folder of 19 dancing, inventive rhythmic loops, spanning driven hand percussion patterns, syncopated synth riffs and subtle, pulsating sequences, with each one offering a unique percussive dimension for you to explore in your tracks.

Wash your productions in stormy seas and harness the unbridled power of elemental sonic forces - take charge and download 'Deluge - Ambient Texture Samples' today!

Pack Details:
- 75 Atmosphere Samples
- 46 Drone Samples
- 19 Rhythmic Loops (Tempo-Labelled)
- 4 Rhythmic Tail Samples
- 50 SFX Samples


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

File List
File List
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