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HACHION is a project that aims to create a new sound source by sampling traditional Japanese musical instruments handed down from ancient times such as koto, shamisen, shinobue, shakuhachi, and taiko, mixing that with contemporary music, principally EDM and electro sounds.

Our activities are focused on creating new values, by connecting the Japanese culture and the world music which has an unlimited potential.

The 17-string koto is a traditional Japanese musical instrument, a zither with seventeen strings. It is a variant of the koto, which traditionally has thirteen strings.

The instrument is also known as jushichi-genso, seventeen-stringed koto or bass koto” which has a deeper sound and requires specialized plectra (picks worn attached to the player's fingers with which the strings are plucked).

The bass koto is similarly made from the Paulownia tomentosa (kiri) wood but the thickness of the wood so taken is approximately twice that of a single koto. They give a much deeper sound.

Short sounds + Loop materials + Processed FX materials

Three patterns are recorded, in order to respond to the different needs.

Short sound material (contains the whole scale of the koto)
Loop material (contains traditional phrases)
FX processing material (contains FX sounds that match with electro beats)
The sounds recorded are played by a professional player, in a high quality recording environment.

The master Koto / Shamisen player Asako Mochizuki gives an authentic sound maximizing the charm and grace of the instrument.

In addition,

All sounds were recorded at a big name recording studio in Japan
Recorded using 2 microphones (Tube & Capacitor)
High-quality recording of 24bit 96khz
(From  Hachion Sound)

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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