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Live Sessions is a fresh pack of funky breaks and grooves played by some of the world's most sought-after studio musicians. From Industrial Strength Studios to your Daw, these samples deliver the dynamic presence of live Drums, Percussion Bass and more.
Nothing comes close to a great-sounding live instrument, which is exactly why we're busting open this massive, versatile collection of live grooves to propel projects in DnB, Funky Breaks, Hip-Hop,Nu Soul, Funk, Nu Disco, Rare Groove and styles beyond.
With 10 Kits for NI Battery 4 some cool NI Massive Presets and a ton of Rex.2 files, this bundle of sonic goodies maxes out at 3 GB of sonic data -
Best of all, Live Sessions is primed for Pro Tools HD: Use 42 Avid Pro Tools 10 Templates-withPlugins, Stems, Busses Audio and Midi for Pro Tools HD & Native users-to remix, embellish and alter grooves. You can also write directly into the loop groove, add your music, write songs, overdub or swap in new sounds to create new grooves. If you're learning how to use Pro Tools:
This pack is an essential tool to get you into real sessions while you explore the Daw and build up your skills. If you are learning to mix, or want to work with live musicians and real instruments but have no access to any, then there is no better hands on way then learning with real A List musicians with real sessions at home at your own pace. Each groove Template is arranged and mixed with loads of room for you to take the sessions to the next level.
You don't have all the plugs-in's included? Do not fret - Each Pro Tools Template will come back pretty close to what you hear in the demos. (Give or take a few bits). We recorded these files to perfection. The way it should be. No drum replacement, No fancy tricks to mask bad recordings, each effect was tastefully used to enhance what is already there. What you here is what you get.
Spike your tracks with tight Drum Stems, Shots and Loops; energized Percussion Shots andLoops; juicy Bass Loops, analog Synth Loops, and bonus FX-plus loads of drum MIDI to sink your grooves into.
Channel the vibes of the old-school breaks you hear on classic Hip Hop Funk and Soul records, and the sounds that continue to influence the present and future of dance music. This pack was produced to perfection at Industrial Strength Studios by Lenny Dee and Derek Nievergelt, who recorded an all-star rhythm section formed by three of the planet's most in-demand instrumentalists.
Enhance the groove with live Percussion Samples played by veteran beat maven Bashiri Johnson, the master virtuoso who's stylings can be heard on recordings by Beyonce, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Carol King, James Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Brandy, Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones. His signature grooves are captured here, fresh off the blistering Bitz & Pieces series of percussion packs for ISR.
We invited drummer Brian Wolfe to punch in a tight batch of Live Drum beats. His versatile playing has been heard internationally on tours with David Byrne and St. Vincent, Sharon Jones and theDap Kings, Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond, Kat Edmonson and Maynard Ferguson, as well as on recordings led by Grammy-nominated producers including Phil Ramone, Mitchell Froom, Gabe Roth, Mark Ronson and Mike Viola.
Soulful, deep and precise, you know the groove is contagious when legendary bassist Pee Weelays it down. AKA Robert Hill, the prolific bass-man has recorded with and performed with Jimmy Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Freddie Stone (Sly and Family Stone), Robben Ford, Paul Jackson Jr, Larry Carlton, Marc Russo, Ray Parker Jr, Thelma Houston, Irene Carol, Bob Dylan, Coasters, Chester Thompson and Alex Acuna, as well as toured with Billy Preston.
Industrial Strength Samples is proud to present this fantastic trio of musicians, recorded in crystal-clear, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz Wav Audio and ready to lock and load into your next production.
Grab your copy of Live Sessions-charge your tracks with the undeniable impact of live sound and see them fly into a new dimension.
+You must own the latest copy of Avid Pro Tools 10 to use the Pro Tools Template version of this pack. Works with Pro tools Hd 10, 11, 12 and 12.3 as well as Native Versions.
The Audio versions will work in any Daw

Tech Specs
- 42 Pro Tools Groove Creation Templates?
84 Bpm:
- 10 Kits
- 17 Bass Loops
- 77 Drum Stems
- 13 Dj Tools
- 21 Drum Loops
- 10 Midi
- 127 Mixed Stems
- 56 Quantized Loops
- 2 Moog Loops
- 2 Rhodes Loops
- 2 Upright Bass Loops?
89 Bpm
- 9 Kits
- 13 Bass Loops
- 63 Drum Stems
- 18 Dj Tools
- 18 Drum Loops
- 9 Midi
- 70 Mixed Stems
- 57 Quantized Loops?
94 Bpm
- 13 Kits
- 19 Bass Loops
- 80 Drum Stems
- 32 Dj Tools
- 27 Drum Loops
- 14 Midi
- 138 Mixed Stems
- 91 Quantized Loops
- 1 Hammond M3 Loops
- 5 Organ FX Loops
- 3 Organic Hammond Echo Loops
- 2 x Ni Massive Audio Bits?
100 Bpm
- 9 Kits
- 18 Bass Loops
- 26 Dj Tools
- 15 Drum Loops
- 64 Drum Stems
- 9 Midi
- 93 Mixed Stems
- 60 Quantized Loops
- 3 Hammond M3 Loops
- 3 NI Massive Fx Bits?
- 67 Bass Loops
- 284 Drum Stems
- 89 Dj Tool Grooves.
- 42 Midi
- 428 Mixed Stems
- 264 Quantized Loops
- 81 Brian Wolf Drum Loops
- 140 Bashiri Johnson Perc Shots
- 80 Organic Peewee Hill Bass
- 2 Moog Loops
- 4 Hammond M3 Loops
- 5 Organ FX Loops
- 5 Ni Massive Audio Bits
- 3 Organic Hammond Echo Loops
- 2 Rhodes
- 2 Upright Bass
- 14 Kick drums
- 53 Snare Drums
- 5 Rim Clicks
- 26 Hi Hat
- 1 Cymbal
- 11 Toms
- 1233 Rex.2 Files
- 9 NI Battery Drum Kits?
Pro Tools Version :
- 42 Groove Creation Templates - Complete with all Original 24 Bit Audio, Midi, NI Massive Presets.?


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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